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Don’t know how we could have done it without your help!

Steven Cohn's office is a very professional organization. Their staff has done an excellent job of helping us set up our legal office operations. They are all considerate and experienced. I really appreciate their depth of knowledge and their ability to get us established.
I would recommend him and his staff to anyone. Thank you Steve Cohn and your wonderful staff for the countless hours of support.

Ella April 13, 2018

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The best of the best

I went into Mr. Cohn's office a year ago for a consultation. I immediately felt at ease. Mr. Cohn explained all possible scenarios with me and the possible outcomes in my matter. I retained on the spot and I did not regret it at all. Mr. Cohn is an exceptional attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Cohn was pleasant to work with on my matter and I truly felt that the best hands were on deck. His communication skills can't be beat. He is very direct and to the point. The results of the matter far exceeded my expectations. I had complete trust in Mr. Cohn because I felt that he really was looking out for my best interest. He has extensive experience and his rates are very reasonable. His practice is high caliber and well established. I would highly recommend working with Mr. Cohn if the need presents itself. You will not be disappointed!

Stacey April 12, 2018

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Account Executive

I would highly recommend Mr Cohn. I worked with him on my case for a couple of years and he was wonderful! He was referred to me by someone who won their case with him as their attorney in a very sizable employment law suit. Not only was he very responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy...he really cared and handled all the stressful and negative situations that came my way by my ex- employer. In addition, I had a few people in Federal Court system that shared their high regards for him as an attorney. I would highly recommend Mr. Cohn as he handle my case wonderfully!

Teri March 16, 2018

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Thank God for this Lawyer

I can only say great things about Mr. Cohn; I have appreciated his services not once, but twice.
Two of my ex-employer lay me off; both of them treated me unfairly. With the help of Mr. Cohn
I have received a fair compensation, Mr. Cohn and his staff have always being courteous to me
and treated me with a foremost respect.
I have been more then satisfied with the outcome of both of my cases.
Mr. Cohn is an Excellent San Jose Employment Attorney

Patrick March 16, 2018

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Great Attorney!

I was looking for an Employment Law attorney to discuss the issues that I had with my employer. One of my friends told me to contact Mr. Cohn, since he had a great experience with him as well. I met with Mr. Cohen in his office and found him very sincere, kind, knowledgeable, and super sharp. During our visits he evaluated and explained different scenarios; He came up with great recommendations which I followed and worked just perfect for me! I would recommend Mr. Cohn to anyone who is looking for a great result. Thank you Mr. Cohn for all your help with my case!

Anonymous April 21, 2016

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Integrity/Honesty/Empathy – Top Notch, Results Driven, Powerhouse Attorney

I have hired Attorney Cohn twice now to represent me in highly complex situations. After losing all hope and a great deal of money with another attorney, I was at my wits end. When I first met Attorney Cohn, his demeanor and interpersonal communication skills immediately put my mind at rest. This man is the quintessential professional and as smart as a whip. There is a genuine air of concern/compassion which makes initial conversation casual and not daunting. His ability to effortlessly make sense of the large volume of complex information and paperwork with which I presented him was impressive. I was expecting that process to take hours alone. But not so, his excellent analytical skills hit the target straight away. I felt a lead weight had been lifted. Attorney Cohn was able to swiftly comprehend the pertinent information and took the time to outline logically the steps that needed to be taken, and believe me, I asked him the same questions multiple times due to the severity of my situation and inability to comprehend all details necessary. Each time, Attorney Cohn calmly talked me through the process once again. That's when I realized I'd quite possibly hired the most patient Attorney on the planet. And, that the details were no longer a necessary burden for me. He genuinely understood my need to understand, based on his appreciation that I'd had an extremely negative experience with the prior attorney. Attorney Cohn prepared a legal strategy on that very first visit, after which, he kept me updated every step of the way, promptly responding to my questions. I knew that I had a strong ally fighting in my corner and indeed that was unequivocally proven. My recent case required many hours of work with heavy research and immense attention to detail. I know Attorney Cohn and his staff performed many more hours than declared. The entire team are enthusiastic and results oriented. Honestly, I couldn't feel happier or more blessed to have been represented by Attorney Cohn. My case was resolved with an outcome far beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Attorney Cohn for his integrity, honesty and empathy. Well, the list could go on... Don't waste your time with anyone else.

Anonymous October 22, 2015

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5.0 stars

I had an employment question regarding a wage and hour dispute with a former employer and Attorney Cohn helped me understand the different options I had to pursue additional back wages I was owed, such as contacting the California Labor Commission and described exactly what the process entailed. He walked through the specific remedies that applied to my case as well. He also was kind enough to call me back after office hours-- it is clear he is dedicated to helping others instead of just looking for your money. Thank you Attorney Cohn!

Nicole October 22, 2015

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I would whole heartedly recommend his services

Steven represented me in an age discrimination case, and proved to be extremely knowledgeable, personable, and willing to take on Corporate HR. I would whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone needing representation in difficult employment situations.

Anonymous August 28, 2014

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He’s the right choice for an attorney

I will make this review short and sweet. Mr. Cohn is the best choice you could make if your looking for an attorney Mr. Cohn is honest, reliable,and affordable also Mr. Cohn truly cares about his clients Mr. Cohn also is very patient with his clients take it from somebody that is a pain in the butt I know My case was not an easy one to represent but Mr. Cohn did it with professionalism and never did I feel like I was a bother or not important he always made time for me and Mr. Cohn explained everything in great detail to me so I understood and also treated me like I mattered and that was important to me. in my opinion Mr. Cohn is the only choice for representation a person should have. thank you Mr. Cohn for all your hard work and believing in me and my case.

Stephanie August 21, 2014

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Exactly Who You Want on Your Side

Steven Cohn defended my mid-sized business in a wage dispute and I couldn't have had better representation. He put my company in the best position to quickly resolve the dispute in my favor, reducing disruption to my business and employees. Steven offers top rate representation at a reasonable cost. He is an outstanding attorney who is dedicated to helping people and he is a joy to know. I would not hesitate to work with him again and I recommend his services wholeheartedly.

Miranda August 20, 2014

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