Sexual Harassment Laws in San Jose and Paseo Robles, CA

Are You Experiencing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment at work continues to be commonplace for many businesses. Let our employment attorneys in San Jose, CA assist you in simplifying sexual harassment laws and provide you with legal help as well as ongoing understanding, protection, and compensation for your losses.

Claims for sexual harassment in the workplace fall into two primary categories, consisting of:

Sexual Harassment in San Jose

  • The maintenance of a pervasive, hostile working environment permeated with sexual comments or conduct, which may include jokes, remarks, or actions.
  • The requirement of sexual favor as a condition of keeping one’s job, attaining promotion, or receiving other employment benefits, (referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment).

Legal Help for Sexual Harassment At Work

Quid pro quo workplace harassment typically occurs behind closed doors and may, initially, appear difficult to prove. The Advocacy Center for Employment Law has employment attorneys that provide strong representation, including the investigation of claims and assessment of damages, value and risk. Call our employment lawyers for assistance today at 408-557-0300.

Our law firm has a strong record of successful resolution of claims and offers employers sound guidance on establishing anti-harassment policies and practices, including performing investigations designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, establishing appropriate training and education of management and staff, and providing evaluations of harassment claims and appropriate resolutions.

Stopping Workplace Harassment

Unfortunately, harassment at work continues to be commonplace in many organizations and doesn’t need to end a career, providing that appropriate and strong steps are taken to stop the harassment, prevent retaliation, and ensure ongoing lawful compliance.

The Advocacy Center for Employment Law has demonstrated expertise in both consulting and litigating these claims, providing understanding, compassion, and strong representation for prompt resolution of these disputes.

The Advocacy Center for Employment Law often represents claimants on a contingency-fee basis, being paid only upon successful recovery for the client, while offering employers a wealth of experience for prompt resolution of such claims.