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If you truly want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer Steven Cohn will deliver!

I have met with different lawyers regarding a situation with my employer and basically I was left without hope. Steve Cohn's knowledge on employment law is incredible . He doesn't leave you feeling like there isn't a solution to your situation, he is creative and strategic. And because he is so well informed with employment law he provides additional ideas with further actions that can be you don't feel like there isn't any hope left. I have come to him twice now crying out for help on similar/separate situations....he is fair and honest, calls to follow up with me, and he will spend more time with you than what you pay him.

Maggie August 19, 2014

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Outstanding lawyer

Attorney Steven Cohn was recommended to me by a friend. I needed someone to help me through some tough employment issues. Mr. Cohn was able to look at my information, evaluate the situations and then advise me. I found his advise to be excellent. I did just as he suggested and each time it was exactly the right thing to do. He was able to quickly and correctly grasp the situations I had and then respond with expert advise and support. I am immensely grateful to him!

Grace July 15, 2014

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tough case

I had a tough case against a former harassing boss who was very smart about always saying someone complained about me. Mr cohn cut right through to what I needed to do to win my claim with the unemployment insurance claim. He was very caring and listened he made the process understandable. He then waived his fee out of a sense of justice. Thank you Mr. Cohn.

Patricia June 16, 2014

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Highly Recommended Advocacy Center for Employment Law

My case was not an easy one, but Attorney Steven Paul Cohn worked on it for over a year and a half based on the retainer and knowing that he would not get any additional compensation at the end. He has exceptional interpersonal skills and offers practical and tangible ideas and real-world advice. His meticulous approach in problem solving is outstanding, because he genuinely cares in helping those that seek his advice. I have also been very impressed with the way he carries himself and the way he projects a confident command of the situation. I should mention that he was extremely helpful in giving me proper guidance. Attorney Cohn is extremely knowledgeable and a superior strategist. He understood immediately how to best proceed with my case. He is an excellent listener and used my information to facilitate a settlement with a tough company who had enlisted a high profile law firm. I was under a lot of stress and my health degraded during this time period. However, Attorney Cohn stayed the course and helped me in achieving a satisfactory settlement at the end. Having searched and paid consultation fees to other attorneys, I consider Attorney Cohn’s fees to be very reasonable. The most important point in my opinion is that he is always willing to spend time defending what is right, and not necessarily what is financially rewarding to him. I highly recommend Attorney Cohn.

Anonymous March 12, 2014

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Mission accomplished

Mr. Cohn was extremely knowledgeable of the law. In my initial consoltation, he told me the procedures of a claim and what to expect. He was very understanding and obviously handled many cases like mine, because he knew right away what my concerns were. Having his presence gave me hope and peace of mind. He fought against a large corporation and won. I can't thank him enough. He worth every penny.

Anonymous December 1, 2012

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We all deserve an equal opportunity!

I was harassed by a co-worker that constantly questioned my ethnic background, verbally scorned and yelled at me multiple times in the work place and in front of other co-workers and on-site customer. I had another co-worker that also yelled, physically challenged, and directed a racial slur towards me and fellow co-worker. My on-site customer verbally abused, intimated, and made not-so funny jokes/derogatory statements about races, colors, and creeds. On one occasion, I was physically pushed by the customer; once I indicated direct disapproval, the customer/individual became contemptuous and retaliated by slandering my name to upper management. I also witnessed my general manager undergo vulgar verbal abuse and intimidation by the on-site customer. I reported the incidents to my direct supervisor, during team meetings, other management personnel, and all seemed to go unnoticed by my direct supervisor. I made a multitude of attempts to resolve issues. Finally, it dawned on me that all the parties involved in the incidents were actually close acquaintances, the “CLICK.” So, I decided to report the incidents to HR. Once I reported the incidents to HR my direct supervisor immediately tried to retaliate against me and even made physical gesture as if he wanted to back-hand me. I could not tolerate any more injustices; a hostile, discriminatory, social-prejudice work environment... It seemed as if HR was trying to brush it all under the rug. So, I decided to call a lawyer. Mr. Cohn restored my hope and helped me fight the injustices I was subjected to in my work environment. We all deserve an equal opportunity!

Anonymous November 14, 2012

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Thank You for Giving Me Back My Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than trying to go to work 9 hours a day in a small busy office and suffer in silence while your co-worker abuses you verbally, and physically. This lady was smart. She would wait months just to get the right opportunity. This went on for 6 years. My employer, a South Bay City wouldn’t take me seriously because although there were complaints from others besides me, she was a good employee in their eyes and knew how to work the system. She could be witty and well liked by the people who didn’t know her other side. She was all about being better than everyone else. No one ever saw anything (no witnesses) that is what the City said. She would verbally abuse me when no one else could hear, hit me with her shoulder almost knocking me down, walk past me in an isolated area, scream in my ear, and keep walking like nothing happened. It was all so juvenile, but frustratingly painful. In late 2010 I suffered depression and went out on Leave for 3 months cleaning out my savings, which resulted in losing my home. While I was out on leave she hit another woman in my office, and again the City did nothing. I hired Steve Cohn in early 2011. I needed to know what Civil Rights I had because I really couldn’t take anymore. He was very clear concise and knowledgeable. I knew at that moment that he really knew his stuff. He told me then that this woman would hit me again; he was right.
In December 2011, five days before Christmas I stepped into an open doorway to let her pass in a narrow hall. She slipped in to the doorway and flipped her shoulder hard into mine, then scoffed and walked off. I was carrying an 8 lb. pitcher of water. I ended up with a City doctor who said I had a sprained shoulder and contusions. Once again, my employer said they couldn’t do anything because no one had witnessed it. When I realized they weren’t going to do anything even though I was in a brace, and packed in ice at work for my shoulder injury, I went to the Police Department to file a report. Soon after, I took my years of documentation (the smartest thing I EVER did) and filed for a restraining order.
Mr. Cohn is very good at knowing what is important and relevant and what isn’t and could put me at ease. He would tell me why it wasn’t important. I like knowing the why. We went to court multiple times with various motions from both sides. She replaced her original female attorney with two male attorneys, and brought in everyone you could imagine from work that she got along with for witnesses of her good nature. I had two people, the other lady she had hit, and one male that she verbally abused for years before I ever started working there.
I wasn’t sure how my case would work out, but I was determined to have someone else hear what the City wouldn’t. The City denied my safety over and over again. Steve was there to help see to it that it didn’t happen again. The evidence had to be clear and convincing, yet remember, there were no witnesses. Steve was impressive along with his paralegal Whitney Law. Together they were working hard for me trying to get me the justice I deserved. When my abuser took the stand, she was stoic, very controlled, and emotionless. Steve knew she was being very careful how she was portraying herself. He knew exactly how to crack her, so her true self came out. He did it with precision and expertise. He wrapped her in a web of her own lies and it flustered her to the point that she was confused, and got angry. He showed everyone just how special and talented he is in the courtroom. Her two attorneys’ couldn’t keep up with my one. Steve won my case and got me the protection and peace of mind that I so desperately had been wanting for years.
I’ve heard it said, “Who needs two lawyers?” “All you need is one good one!” That’s Steve Cohn. If you are looking for someone who’s knowledgeable and gives great representation in court, you won’t be sorry. Steve is awesome!

Lisa August 2, 2012

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Excellent Employment lawyer

Mr. Cohn went beyond his duty and did his best to handle my case.

Ahmad Jamshidpour July 26, 2012

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very professional in every aspect

I was looking for some legal representation and got turned down by a couple of lawyers, I came across Atty Cohn's website and called him since he is offering free legal advice. After hearing my situation, he accepted my case without hesitation.
I speak english as a second language and thats not a problem at all because he took his time to listen to me. He explore options and explains every strategy in a way that everybody understands. He put a lot of time in preperation of my hearings. Overall, He is very knowledgable, very true and very transparent on his every approach. I am proud to be well represented.

Jay R March 20, 2012

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On three days notice, Steven Cohn represented me in my labor hearing. He is not only VERY knowledgeable about California labor laws he is also extremely comforting. His confidence was calming. I must also say it was super fun to watch Mr. Cohn make my former employer squirm. I will revisit and let you know how we made out. Regardless of the outcome, I am 100% satisfied with my legal representation.

Catherine Booth January 12, 2012

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