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We sat in his office and cried

After visiting several other lawyers and wasting thousands of dollars a friend of mine refereed me to Mr. Cohn. What other lawyers said I could not afford or could not be done Mr. Cohn did effortlessly. I truly believe he has gift and he knows how to use it. When everything was over me and my wife sat in office and cried. Mr. Cohn put a bully in his place and saved us tens of thousands when others couldn't.

Anonymous March 27, 2010

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Steven Cohn will fight for you

I highly recommend Attorney Steven Cohn.
I recently hired Mr. Cohn again in 2009 because he did such a great job for me in an earlier case, and he has earned an A+ rating from me both times. The first case convinced me to always call on Mr. Cohn for employment issues in the future.
When things initially started getting fishy at that first job, Mr. Cohn advised me how to handle my situation without needing to have an attorney contact the company. His advice worked, and in fact allowed me to be able to stay employed there for another year. That alone was invaluable.
Then, about a year later at that company, it was clear that new management was trying to push people out. It was a small company, and the work environment became more and more hostile: 4 people had nervous breakdowns and at least 2 people quit without having other jobs. (I gave Mr. Cohn’s name to people as I found out about their situations, but I don’t know if they ever contacted him.)
In the meantime, because I had contacted Mr. Cohn right away for guidance, and then did everything he advised me to do, I was able to get out cleanly with an excellent severance package that he negotiated for me.
Steven Cohn treats everything seriously, he never misses a fact, he knows exactly what he’s talking about, he provides expert advice, and he cares. Most importantly, his calm, business-less approach to each case helps his clients to cope, while he deals with the difficult negotiations with the employer.
My advice is to hire Mr. Cohn, and to hire him before you lose the job!

Anonymous March 26, 2010

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Excellent Employment Lawyer

Mr. Steven Cohn is the attorney you want representing you for employment matters. Mr. Cohn provided me with timely feedback and solid representation. He is a polite and compassionate man.
Mr. Cohn battled a South Bay government agency on my behalf. I sought Mr. Cohn for my personal injury case and he successfully negotiated my swift return to work. It is through Mr. Cohn's commitment to me and his work, that brought my positive results in the case. Thank you Mr. Cohn!

Sylvia March 16, 2010

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Just like a trusted friend fighting for you…

When I first spoke to Steven Cohn, I was at ease knowing that I could trust someone to take on my case. It’s great to know that I can call Steven and he will give me a call back as soon as he is available. In my type of case, I became worrisome over the decisions the court will make. Steven helped me overcome that worry by reassuring me that he is on my side and that everything is going to be okay. Not only is Steven great in the courtroom, he is also great at making his clients feel taken care of. I feel that I greatly benefited from him in my case as well as in my personal life. He definitely helped to obtain my self esteem back so I could look forward to a new life after my case. As far as the cost, he is very reasonable and I have to say that his services and help surpass the cost of both. Great quality client services as a lawyer and great emotional support just like a friend. Steven Cohn was always by my side to fight for my justice.

BCampos March 13, 2010

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Excellent Attorney For Issues Relating To Employment

Mr. Steven Cohn is a compassionate, understanding and hard working attorney. He is the attorney you want on your side when it comes to employer issues.
It was through Mr. Cohn's commitment and empathy for me his client, that allows me to recommend him to my friends and family members.
Because of Mr. Cohn's excellent negotiation skills, I was able to return to work and settle back to my regular routine, in a harassment free environment. Thank you Mr. Cohn!

Sylvia March 12, 2010

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Excellent San Jose Employment Attorney

Mr. Cohn provided timely and insightful representation. My case had to go to trial, where Mr. Cohn provided top notch trial ability, defeating a very large bank employer with unlimited attorney resources. We won my case soundly and I received full payout of my demand. Mr. Cohn' fees were affordable. I was kept informed by the firm's staff and Mr. Cohn personally, and Mr. Cohn was highly recommended to me as well. I can see why. I highly recommend Mr. Cohn.

Anne F March 10, 2010

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Steven Cohn successfully reduces subrogation claim in timely manner

After obtaining an insurance settlement related to a traffic accident I asked Steven to negotiate a subrogation claim from an agency representing my primary medical provider. This was a challenging task because I had already legally accepted the offer from the insurer who represented the client who caused the accident. After a few weeks of negotiations Steve was able to reduce the subrogation claim by one third. I went to Steven because I had no idea how to approach the matter and felt that I was being bullied by the agency representing my medical provider. Steven handled this matter extremely well and only charged me for the time involved to handle the matter.

Ernest March 9, 2010

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