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Mr. Cohn gave me an appointment immediately to hear my fear that people in my office were using intimidation and micro management to cause conflict in my mind which created a stressful working environment and causing harmful health situation. Mr. Cohn assessed the situation, advised me, helped to calm me down and gave me a voice. Bringing this situation to top management has helped immensely. I can't thank Mr. Cohn enough.

Anonymous January 8, 2012

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Professional, knowledgeable and personable

If you are in need of an employment attorney, look no further. Mr. Cohn will put you at ease and help you through all phases of your case. He will take the reins and keep you informed as to what he needs from you and where your case stands. Needing an attorney in your life usually means you are going through a very stressful situation. Mr. Cohn's calming demeanor and obvious extensive legal knowledge is comforting. From the very beginning, Mr. Cohn was mindful of my finances and bringing my case to the most ideal ending for me as soon as possible. His legal assistant, Whitney is outstanding. She is also very knowledgeable, proficient and efficient in her job. I am extremely grateful for everything Mr. Cohn and his staff have done for me. He is a fine example of what you hope for when hiring an attorney. I hope to never need his expertise again, but I will not call anywhere else if ever I need an employment attorney again. Thank you Mr. Cohn.

Shelby December 12, 2011

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Excellent HR problem resolve on performance issue with prompt and effective results stopping adverse actions.

Mr. Cohn really understood the HR process and was able to promptly and effectively stop adverse actions designed to fire me from a major Tech Employer.
He was timely, a great writer and his strategy worked wonderfully. I was taken off a performance plan within a week and both my managers came forward to encourage me and now I am now again secure.
Mr Cohn changed everything and has reduced steepness and the work problems. He is very very good at this. “Best in Class”

Anonymous October 16, 2011

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Competent, professional and personable lawyer

I retained Mr. Cohn to respond to my employer, who was quickly moving towards terminating me for whistle-blowing activity.
I had never been engaged in any legal disputes, and I was totally overwhelmed with what was unfolding. Steven responded with a sense of urgency, meeting with me on short notice. He was able to quickly understand the facts, drafting multiple letters to my employer resulting in them backing off completely.
I continue to be employed and my ability to act as a manger in a healthy environment has been restored.
On top of a being a fantastic lawyer with an impressive track record of success, Steven is a compassionate individual who showed genuine care and concern for what I was going through.
As a result, a negative situation has turned out to be an empowering positive learning experience with the best possible outcome I could have hoped for.

Anonymous May 10, 2011

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Delighted Customer

Mr. Steven Cohn is a class act. He provided excellent guidance and advisement, and was diligent and persistent with bringing my case to successful closure. Communication between us was regular and timely. He is extremely well versed in legal matters, and came very highly recommended to me from a trusted source. He demonstrated excellence in handling my individual case, and knew the subject matter in superb detail. Further, his administrative office and paralegal staff support was very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Mr. Steven Cohn and his law office, giving him the highest rating possible: Five Stars!!!!!

Damian May 5, 2011

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Great Lawyer

Mr. Cohn helped me a great deal. There is nothing negative to say. Not only is he an expert in his field with many years of experience, but truly a nice guy, personable, honest and trustworthy, and you are put at ease instantly after meeting him, because he understands that you might be going through quite a bit before having to see him. You get the sense he truly cares about you and your case and wants to help. He is very motivated and determined to fight for you, has great insight into issues and characters without much information to go by. He helped me a great deal and worth every penny of his fee which is not as expensive as others I have called. You will not be disappointed. Two thumbs up!

Anonymous April 14, 2011

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Personable and extremely competent trial representation

I retained Mr. Cohn in a contract dispute. He was readily available and answered all my questions promptly. He is extremely personable and very bright. My case had to be tried. Mr. Cohn was recommended to me by another satisfied client. i am extremely happy with the trial outcome and found Mr. Cohn not only to be a superb trial attorney but also he and his staff made me feel that they truly cared about my self esteem and my strategy for going forward after the trial. They cared about me as a person. This is an excellent attorney with a unique set of skills.

Tom December 17, 2010

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Exceptional – Outstanding – Responsive

Mr. Cohn and his staff helped me during one of the most difficult government layoff times. Mr Cohn, along with his staff were professional and supportive throughout the entire process. My phone calls were answered and returned promptly (usually in the same day) and I was always provided an update. His expert advice and legal skills not only helped me retain my government job, but he was insturmental in securing me a senior position which came with a raise. Mr. Cohn and his staff are experts in what they do, the services they provide and the manner in which they provide them.

Margaret A Lafferty December 1, 2010

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Honest,True,Fighting for Justice Attorney/Steven P. Cohn is the one to get to represent you.

I was wrongfully terminated by a local community college. During this process I was even told by a union field rep that my case was going to be difficult to prove and win to settle & take the offer that the college was offering me! I was devasted that not even a union which I paid 18 yrs of dues was telling me this. I released the union rep. I hired Steven Paul Cohn. All those classified & certificated employees & those who work for an educational system that stated that I was waisting my money that all attorneys work for the unions & that there is no hope in getting fair justice served on ones behalf. Well I am here to state Steven Paul Cohn is a true fighter for justice and is highly experienced & knowledgeable for all related employment matters that seem impossible to you but hire Steven and he will turn that situation possible. I will continue to recommend Steven Paul Cohn.
Thank you so much and God bless you with your talent as an attorney!

Linda July 29, 2010

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Have you ever find a lawyer that will rock the court room?

My life and livelihood was devastated by my former Nurse Manager in Santa Clara County Hospital. I've been through a lot when she fired me, and she lied a lot against me. And to me “I would not be treated differently at work because of my ethnicity and my capabilities”. If you are reading this, chances are you need a great attorney during a hard time…Mr. Steven Paul Cohn is that and more. He’s knowledgeable, efficient, extremely responsive and kind/honest person. "What impressed me about Mr. Steven Paul Cohn was that when I first met with him, he really listened and was very understanding. He didn't use lawyer jargon and he explained the process step by step. He understood that for me it was the principle. His opening and closing statement blew the other lawyers away." And that’s the happiest moment of my life when I got the case. Thanks for all your help, and especially for your timely and quick responses when I was first faced with this situation.

Sarah March 31, 2010

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