Severance Negotiations in San Jose, CA

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The Advocacy Center for Employment Law and its senior attorney, Steven P. Cohn, are experts in labor and employment law, with over 30 years’ experience in managing exit strategies from your employer, recognizing legal violations, and handling severance negotiations.

You need not accept the company’s initial offer when you have been directed to sign a severance agreement. A severance agreement typically contains a waiver of your important rights. Do not sign such an agreement without determining whether your rights are being violated and what choices you have going forward. Once you have signed such an agreement, you typically waive all claims you may have against the company and lose the opportunity to not only gain acceptable financial terms for your transition after the employment, but the opportunity to take back a wrongful firing, arrange a resignation, obtain a reference or bar a potentially adverse reference, and other strategic advantages you may need going forward.

The Advocacy Center for Employment Law attorneys are experts at securing favorable severance terms designed to fairly compensate you and better your opportunities for prompt reemployment. We offer free telephone consultation. Call us before you sign away your rights. (408)557-0300