Tips for Hiring an Employment Lawyer

Hire the employment lawyer

Employment Lawyer in San Jose There are many reasons why you might require a labor attorney in San Jose. An employment lawyer can help you before you’ve been hired by reviewing contracts before you sign them. An employment lawyer can also help you after you’ve been hired by assisting you with problems such as wrongful termination and workplace discrimination, in addition to negotiating severance agreements. These tips will help you identify the best employment lawyer in San Jose.

1. Request Referrals
Talk to friends and family members who have had problems in the workplace and have sought the help of a labor attorney. Ask them if they would recommend the employment lawyer they worked with. Otherwise, you can compile a list of labor attorneys near you by checking the state or local bar association.

2. Evaluate Background and Expertise
Check the websites of employment lawyers near you to read about their backgrounds and expertise. Select a lawyer who has been practicing employment law for years and is well-versed in the intricacies of civil rights violations, employment harassment, unfair business practices, and any other area relevant to your situation. The attorneys’ biographies may mention their professional associations and recognition. You may wish to select a lawyer who has demonstrated a commitment to ongoing professional development, such as by authoring publications on employment law, serving as a law professor, or participating in mediation and arbitration services.

3. Bring Relevant Documents
You can prepare for your initial consultation with the employment lawyer by compiling any relevant documents. You might bring past performance reviews, severance agreements, employment contracts, and relevant office memos, for example. If you’ve been the victim of employment harassment, bring any evidence you might have for these incidents, such as a written log of all discriminatory behaviors.

4. Discuss Strategies
Before deciding to hire the employment lawyer, ask him or her how the case should be handled and then decide whether you’re comfortable with that approach. Additionally, be sure to ask the lawyer if he or she charges on a contingency basis or offers a flat fee.