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Blog Posts in January, 2015

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Employment law recognizes multiple types of sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, you might contact a sexual harassment attorney if another individual requests sexual favors or makes ...
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Signs You're Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Employees often feel pressured to look the other way when sexual harassment occurs. If they voice their concerns, they may be told that the offensive behavior was nothing to get upset about. However, ...
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Fighting Workplace Discrimination

All employees are protected from workplace discrimination by federal and state law. For example, California residents are protected by both the Fair Employment and Housing Act, and the Federal Civil ...
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Understanding Wrongful Termination and Your Rights

If you've recently been fired and you feel the action was unjust, you may wish to consider consulting an employment lawyer to determine whether you were the victim of wrongful termination. As your ...
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Getting Help from a Lawyer for Workplace Harassment

Employment law is often confusing. It can be difficult to know exactly which laws and regulations apply to your situation. This is one way in which a labor attorney in San Jose can provide invaluable ...
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What to Know If You're Sexually Harassed at Work

Did you know that the majority of workers who suffer from sexual harassment never report these incidences, either to their employers or to a sexual harassment attorney? You don't have to let your ...
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