Signs You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Sexual Harassment in San Jose Employees often feel pressured to look the other way when sexual harassment occurs. If they voice their concerns, they may be told that the offensive behavior was nothing to get upset about. However, sexual harassment should never be ignored or condoned. If you feel that you’re being sexually harassed in the workplace, you can turn to a sexual harassment lawyer serving San Jose for help. Your labor law attorney may recommend that you keep detailed records of all instances of offensive behavior to support your claim.

1. You’ve Been Asked for a Sexual Favor at Work
Sometimes, sexual harassment is overt. You may have been asked for a sexual favor by a supervisor in exchange for a raise or a promotion. Or, you may have been told that unless you agreed to the sexual favor, you would be fired or demoted. Employment law recognizes this type of discrimination as quid pro quo sexual harassment. Although it may seem that it would be difficult to prove what someone else has told you, you’ll find that a sexual harassment attorney can bring powerful investigative tools to the case.

2. You’ve Seen Offensive Images or Heard Offensive Remarks
Other types of sexual harassment are less obvious than quid pro quo sexual harassment, such as being subjected to offensive images or language . For example, a co-worker or supervisor may have sent an email containing inappropriate images or language. A co-worker might hang an offensive calendar in a workspace. These are all signs that you’ve been sexually harassed at work – even if the images were not sent directly to you. Additionally, bear in mind that some types of language may constitute sexual harassment even if it is not sexual in nature. For example, a supervisor might call the female employees by non-sexual, yet offensive names, while refraining from doing so to the male employees. This is also a form of sexual harassment.

3. A Hostile Working Environment Makes You Uncomfortable
If you feel uncomfortable going to work, you may be the victim of sexual harassment. Employment law recognizes that not all acts of sexual harassment may be directed at a particular victim. Instead, your sexual harassment attorney may file a claim on your behalf based on the maintenance of a hostile work environment.

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