The Two Main Categories of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Attorney in San Jose There are many possible manifestations of workplace sexual harassment. They typically fall into two main categories. The first is quid pro quo sexual harassment and the second is the creation of a hostile environment. If you’re unsure of whether your rights were violated, you can contact a sexual harassment attorney. Let your labor attorney in San Jose know about all incidences of possible sexual harassment , and ask him or her any questions you may have about employment law.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment involves telling an employee that he or she must provide a sexual favor in exchange for job retention, promotion, or achieving some other benefit. Since quid pro quo sexual harassment often lacks witnesses and can be challenging to prove in court, it’s essential to work with a sexual harassment attorney who will thoroughly investigate the claim. The other type of sexual harassment involves a workplace that is characterized by the pervasiveness of behaviors that are sexual in nature, such as telling dirty jokes, making crude remarks, leering, or engaging in other undesirable behaviors.

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